Creation to Revelation



The Harber family relaunches a 16-year-old product. 
And boy, do the years show.

Brian Harber unwittingly started Creation to Revelation when he was only 12, living in Nashville, Tenn. It began as a simple teaching aid for his mother's class at Broadmoor church, but it kept growing with the curriculum and other classes. Finally, in 2003, a nudge from a family friend sent Brian to the Florida College lectureship to sell it when he was 15. It was well-received, and continued to sell well throughout the years.

The only problem was, it was drawn in Microsoft Paint. 


Our Plan

Our recent Kickstarter campaign was a great success, allowing us the time to begin redrawing the new product this fall. We will launch the first item, our Review Product, in December 2016, with many more in-depth products to follow in 2017 and beyond. Our deep thanks to the 31 backers that made this relaunch possible. We're thrilled to provide extensive quality learning for all those wishing to teach and study the Bible. 

We also hope to be a reliable resource for teachers, churches and families to share ideas, product uses and storytelling techniques. Not only do teachers and families need comprehensive tools, but they also need a support system to reinforce their efforts and remind them they're not alone. Our sharing platform, "Create & Relate," will do just that. Look for these updates next year! 


Brian and Joie Harber live with their three children in Tampa, Florida. They've made home education a priority, with the Bible as the hub of all learning. Teaching children of their own has made the new Creation to Revelation a family-centered passion project that puts God and His glory first in their minds.



We're always looking for new ideas and new collaborators. If you have inspiration for a new kind of teaching aid, or want to partner in the future with curriculum or songs and supplemental material, submit a message below.

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