Teach Bible stories Your way.

Simple, flexible illustrations for classes and families.



Creation to Revelation proudly offers over 300 illustrations in various forms, with many more illustrations and products to come. Purchase for your church or family and use both print and digital formats to teach children all about God's love and plan for mankind. 

Review Pack

Repetition, repetition, repetition! Use these 100 illustrations (with matching coloring pages and clipart) to teach the order of all the popular Bible stories!

Lord’s Supper Pack

Each week, help your child sit quietly and focus on remembering Jesus, His sacrifice and God’s great plan for our salvation with these 20 original cards and coloring pages.

17 Time PEriods

Know what happened, and when. Use the popular 17 divisions from Waldron’s 3 Cycle Approach to memorize and teach these critical periods of history.


Old Artwork vs. New Artwork



Brian and Joie Harber live with their four children in Tampa, Florida. They've made home education a priority, with the Bible as the hub of all learning. Teaching children of their own has made the new Creation to Revelation a family-centered passion project that puts God and His glory first in their minds.



We're always looking for new ideas and new collaborators. If you have inspiration for a new kind of teaching aid, or want to partner in the future with curriculum or songs and supplemental material, submit a message below.

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