17 Time Periods (Classrooms License)


17 Time Periods (Classrooms License)


(New feature: Licensed for the use of a church, school or other organization, across all its classes and public functions)

The 17 Time Periods, originally written by Bob Waldron, are a unique system for telling the Bible story used for several generations to learn the Bible better. Being able to tell the Bible story is a talent that even the youngest minds can learn. The Creation to Revelation team has illustrated the 17 Time Periods using Bob's “3 Cycle Approach” booklet as a foundation. With this visual tool, it has never been easier not only to share the good news, but also to train young minds and hearts to do the same!

Print them out, laminate, create spiral bound books or flashcards, make them classroom posters, or do a slideshow—there's a lot of options available to enhance your teaching, both with your church and in your home.

Complete with 17 illustrations (titled, untitled and numbered), matching coloring pages, 4 per page printing options, JPG slides, and clipart.

The 17 Time Periods:
1) Before the Flood
2) Flood
3) Scattering of the People
4) Patriarchs
5) Exodus From Egypt
6) Wandering in the Wilderness
7) Invasion and Conquest of Canaan
8) Judges
9) United Kingdom
10) Divided Kingdom
11) Judah Alone
12) Captivity
13) Return From Captivity
14) Years of Silence
15) Life of Christ
16) Early Church
17) Letters to Christians

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