Our Story

Our family is excited to relaunch a 17-year-old product. And boy, do the years show ... especially since it was originally drawn in Microsoft Paint. (But we've fixed that now.)

I unwittingly started Creation to Revelation when I was only 12, living in Nashville, Tennessee. It began as a simple teaching aid for my mother's class at Broadmoor church, but it kept growing with the curriculum and other classes. Finally, in 2003, a nudge from a family friend sent mom and I to the Florida College Lectureship to sell it when I was 15. It was well-received, and we were thrilled to share the product with hundreds of families and churches across America. And considering the sacrifices already made by foreign missionaries, the product was made available for free to those seeking to expand and educate Christ's kingdom. (The product has been to China, South Africa and South America, to name a few.)

After publishing, my design education was mostly self-taught, but it took a leap during my time on the Florida College yearbook staff. The more I learned, the more inadequate my 12-year-old MS Paint technique became. Several years later, with greater appreciation and experience, I'm serving as advisor for the yearbook, encouraging the same experiential learning I received here as a student. 


Joie and I were married in 2010 and live with our three children in Tampa, Florida, worshiping with the Christians that meet on Livingston Avenue. I serve as the art director of marketing at Florida College, and Joie is a full-time mother of three (and a half). Evelyn (4) will gladly perform a Disney movie for you as a one-man show; Gray (3) loves dogs and cats, and can read all the names in the animal kingdom; and Alec (2) has a terrific "smolder," and taught himself to walk to keep up with his siblings. we all look forward to welcoming baby #4, Annabelle, this summer.

Over the years, we sought to revamp and expand the Creation to Revelation product, but family always took priority. Training Evelyn, Gray and Alec meant less time for my freelance work, which kept our budget balanced. And yet, with the children growing and learning more every day about God's history, we were finally convinced to take the leap. We believe it's increasingly vital for the next generation to learn the Bible, and with so much negative media saturation, there can never be too many tools for teaching. Teaching children of our own has made the new Creation to Revelation a family-centered passion project that puts God and His glory first in our minds.

With diligent prayer, we look forward to helping our family grow along with the revitalized Creation to Revelation.


 Norm and Renita Harber

Norm and Renita Harber


I would be remiss if I didn't honor the wonderful woman who made it all possible. First, she carried and raised me—me, the quintessential problem child—to be God-fearing, scripture-savvy and art-loving. Second, she encouraged me as an entrepreneur, and essentially ran my business for me while I was in college. (I hope telemarketers have finally stopped calling her.)  And third, beside her faithful husband, she modeled the kind of woman I would later look for, marry, and raise a family with, all while I kept her values and instruction close at heart. 

There's no one quite like a mom ... and I love mine. I rise up and call her "blessed." I dedicate this project to Renita Lanning Harber. (Nana, we love you to the moon and back!)